Litchfield Coaching & Orienteering weekend
Litchfield National Park
Saturday, 18 May 2019
Come along to beautiful Litchfield National Park for a weekend of orienteering. All involved in the orienteering weekend coaching or event or both can camp overnight at the Litchfield Environmental education Centre.

Camping costs are $3.30 per adult and $1.65 per child, per night. Camping available Saturday night, or you can just come for the day.

COACHING & SKILLS DEVELOPMENT- Saturday 10.00am to 4pm based at Litchfield Environmental Education Centre
Orienteering activities start at 10am on Saturday with a series of short coaching courses and finishes at 4pm. Activities include taking bearings, planning route choices, comprehending contours, practicing relocation and group discussions to problem solve errors. Take part in as many activities as you like. The aim of the day is to build skill levels of participants/brushing up of skills so that participants are able to successfully complete their course the following day.
Costs for the coaching courses are a flat rate of $5 per person.
Register for coaching by 16/05/2019 (email and let us know your skill level, to allow for planning.


On Sunday morning we will hold a standard bush orienteering event. Start between 7:30am and 9:30am. Four courses on offer:

Easy: 2.9km (on paths, roads and through campgrounds)
Moderate: 3.9km (through the bush with roads and creeks as handrails, contour understanding, distance estimation and bearings required, although checkpoints are close to major catching features)
Short hard: 4.6km (through the bush, contour understanding, distance estimation and bearings required)
Long hard: 6.1km (through the bush, contour understanding, distance estimation and bearings required)

Coaching available between 8 and 9am.
Course Planner
Susanne Casanova
Anna Richards
Start between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm
Finish by 4:00 pm
Courses offered
A compass, sunscreen, leg protection, water bottle and camping equipment if you are staying overnight. The private camping area has a lovely green grass area for tents, swimming hole, toilets and showers, a camp kitchen with a gas stove, and an undercover eating area. Camping fees apply.
Coaching is available between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm
Follow signs through Batchelor to Litchfield NP to the Florance/Buley road. Turn right onto Florence falls road. Look for orienteering sign on right opposite Buley Rockhole turnoff (on left). Follow track through gate to education centre.
The location provided in this map is approximate. The nearest position provided in Google Maps has been used. Please follow orienteering signs when you arrive.