Types of courses

TEO offers a range of courses at each event. The courses are based on their navigational difficulty and distance. They also define club gradings that will be assigned after you have competed in a number of solo events. If you're unsure about which course is best suited for you, just ask at the regisitration table at the next event and someone will be happy to discuss the options with you. You will see that the entry forms are colour coded for each course using the colour scheme shown here.

Very Easy
The easiest course suitable for children. This course will be offered when entrants demand.
Easy course suitable for beginners and families with strollers (where indicated). A short course with a limited number of easy to find controls.
Suitable for more experienced orienteerers or those seeking a bit of challenge in finding controls. Note: this is the greatest difficulty offered for street events. Additional lengths may be added and those graded Hard are eligible for OY points when competing in these street events.
Hard navigation with a shorter distance.
The most challenging course for experienced orienteerers with distance adjusted score.