DIY instructions
How do I get the map?

There are a number of types of maps available. Each location will have all individual course maps such as easy and moderate and also include a combined map allowing you to download all maps in one go. Finally, some locations may offer a master map that contains all available checkpoints and tables of control numbers letting you know where the different courses are and in what order the controls should be visited. This map helps you understand why you may come across other controls while doing your course. You can also use this map to create your own courses.

After selecting a location you can find out about each course, you can download any course, or the combined map. We require a registration before downloading the map. This allows us to track how many people are using the DIY courses.

You can print the map or use an electronic device to view the course. We recommend that you print the map in colour to identify features on the map.

How do I start a course?
Start triangle
The starting point for each location is marked by a large sign and is indicated by a triangle on the map.

Each location will have several map options for easy, moderate and hard courses. Each course is shown as a series of numbered circles (checkpoints) marked on the map. Starting at the triangle find the checkpoints in order.

The checkpoints are small orange and white markers that have been installed on different features (see photo). A description of each feature is listed on the map (see list example).

DIY checkpoint example
Course Description

Each checkpoint marker has a number (listed next to the feature description) and a two letter code. Once you have located your checkpoint note down the two letter code into the answer table on the map. The example below has a code of "BN" for checkpoint number 1.

Number Answer
1 BN

Once you have finished your chosen course you can try another course or design your own!

Top End Orienteers Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability for the use of these maps.